EnergyLogic/Black Gold Waste Oil Furnaces

The Newest EnergyLogic Furnace 350,000 BTU with \”Smart Stat\”

Above featured picture is of our New EL350H the 350,000 BTU Furnace with upgraded features and “Smart Stat”
A furnace heats a building in a different manner than a boiler.  It is what is referred to as a “forced-air” unit, heating the air around it instead of water circulating throughout a building.

The heat that is produced by a furnace is supplied via a process called fuel combustion.  This combustion is a direct result of electricity, coal, and igniting heating oil or natural gas.

Once again these commodities used in the combustion process can be very costly.  None of the commodities mentioned are expected to go down in price any time soon.  In fact, based on the US Energy Information Administration’s short term energy outlook the cost of heating oil alone is expected to rise by 13.3% in 2010.

Waste oil furnaces are not very different in the way conventional furnaces operate.  The main difference is its fuel supply.  Its set up with a waste oil burner and this machine is designed to run off used motor oil, various gear and crankcase automotive oils, ATF fluid, all hydraulic fluids, and of course vegetable as long as its mixed with the other types of oil.

Here is an example of how Energy Logic waste oil furnaces work.

Energy Logic Black Gold Waste Oil Furnaces

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